Keep the Joy 

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We were just having a break during a jam session, in our friend’s lounge room. While Tim strummed away on his beloved guitar, in bliss, I strolled around the room checking out the photos on the wall.


As Tim’s melody continued my eyes spotted a frame with a picture of Mother Teresa on it, which included some advice. It said, “Let us keep the joy of loving Jesus in our hearts, and share that joy with all we come in touch with.”

Facetiously, I began singing these words to the tune of Tim’s joyful strumming, and soon discovered that the timing was perfect; the last word of the quote coincided with the end of Tim’s melody.


We looked at each other - Tim smiling - as was I - as the birth of our third song together took form. First known as “The Joy of Loving Jesus”, it developed almost as suddenly as an evolving Pokemon! First, the harmonies, then new instrumentation, further harmonies and finally digital beats inspired by the famous Fireflies.


But the cause and effect of the song on listeners, and above all myself, have always been the same - the joyful reminder that despite our crosses, Christians are called to be disciples of Joy.


Whether you are hearing this for the first time or the tenth, I hope you enjoy the music video version as much as I enjoyed producing it.


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Renato, 27th June, 2018