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Thanks for listening to "Reminiscing Heart". It has been an awesome journey, one I have been sharing with so many, especially my own students, over a number of years of recording.


One of the greatest joys in producing the album came from the opportunity of singing and recording with some awesome musicians, including my little girl and niece! (If you haven't heard them yet, check out our cover of "Cinderella").


So, to all the musicians that follow (in alphabetical order) - thank you for sharing the journey with me. You helped me fulfill a dream and helped me leave something behind for my children.


To Lena Bennett (violin), Robert Bouwman (piano), Karl Brown (drums), Patrick Carre (co-producer, sound, mix, composition), Paul Curtis (guitar), Tim Grace (guitarist and co-writer of "No Need to Fear", "Lady of Sorrows" and "Keep the Joy"), Bruce Hua (bass), Jesse Jacobs (violin), Kiara (vocals), Marie Grace (vocals), Sabian Peaker (guitar and drums), Talitha Sindel (vocals), Natasha Tsouris (vocals) and Dominic Zurzolo (guitar).


Want to know the story behind each song? Click on the available songs below to find out. 



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